What is Metalcasting?

metalcastingMetalcasting is a process in which molten or liquid metal is poured into a mold made of sand, metal or ceramic, to form geometrically complex parts. The most common metals used for metalcasting include iron, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, steel and copper-based alloys. Metal castings are found in cars, trucks, planes, trains, mining and construction equipment, and kitchen appliances to name only a few examples. Because castings play such vital roles in our daily lives, we know that it is incredibly important for our products to be dependable. With Midwest Metal Products you never have to gamble with the quality of your metalcasting because our teams have a vested interest in our clients’ successes. 

Reduce Parts Count AND Add Value With Midwest Metalcasting Expertise

One major way we can propel our customers to success is by offering solutions that reduce parts counts for components and ultimately add value to their product through metalcasting. Nearly every manufacturing business has parts that are built up using welding, but these ‘weldments’ are labor intensive.  It often becomes a hassle to ensure that each component’s pieces remains stocked in inventory as well. If they aren’t, then that means producing cuts from plates or pipes— costing both money and time. Given the amount of manufacturers we meet who all struggle with these same problems, it is very possible that you have come to Midwest Metal Products in search of a metalcasting solution, and luckily we have exactly what you need. 

Our engineers have learned that just as integrated circuits or ‘chips’ decrease the parts count, add value, and improve the reliability of electronics, castings are the answer to earn the same benefits. Trust the most reliable, detail-attentive hands in the business and  hire Midwest Metal Products for all of your casting needs.

Casting Information

  • Weight- up to 1500LBS (iron)
    or 1100lbs (steel) ANY alloy
  • Stainless Steel
  • Low Alloy Steel
  • Plain Carbon Steel
  • Ductile and Cast Irons
  • Ni-Hard and Ni-Resist Cast Irons
  • Hi-Chrome Abrasion Resistant Irons