Education Resources

MMP not only is dedicated to providing our customers with high quality products and services, we also have a mission to provide our customers with any resources they might need in order to make informed decisions about their orders. This is why we’ve compiled several educational resources about our industry, made available below:

If I wanted to find out what a casting term meant, where is the best source?

Don’t be confused by a term. Like most specialties, casting has a language all its own. If you’re being pelted with terminology, go to for answers.

What Should I Know Before Ordering Steel Castings?

Unsure of the criteria you need to consider before ordering steel castings? Everything you need to know to is listed here: Ordering steel castings  

Unsure if steel is the right metal for you? Learn why it is the best fit for some at: Why steel castings?

Now That I’ve Found MMP, How Do I Order Castings?

Don’t be hesitant to make your casting dreams come true! Even if it’s your first time ordering, this step-by-step guide to purchasing castings walks you through the process so that ordering will be a breeze.

So What Does MMP Actually Do To Fulfill My Order?

It’s  natural to be curious about what happens after your casting order has been placed! Because it can be great to have multiple perspectives on this fascinating industry, we have two separate resources that go into the details of casting production: Overview of Casting Processes, and How are casting made?

Do You Have Any Videos I Can Watch To Learn More?

We do! We have two videos listed below that expand your knowledge of metalcasting even further:

Do you have a question on a specific capability? Contact us and one of our outstanding team members will be in touch to give you the answers you need.