Saving the Piano

Some equipment is invisible- taken for granted- until it fails. Truck mounted cranes are in this group. Few people notice them, but they are everywhere. Just this week, I saw one move heavy bundles of shingles up to waiting roofers, while another crane supported a tree trimmer with a chainsaw, and a third moved electrical workers to the top of a telephone pole.
To protect employees, the crane must work perfectly every time. Failure is not an option. With 24/7/365 reliability. One of the largest crane manufacturers relies on MMP for that safety, security, and endurance. With six different castings weighing from 35 to 890(!) pounds.
This client trusts MMP with their Company’s reputation. You can, too.
Don’t believe cranes are ignored? Watch this commercial and, towards the end, consider how often you saw it and ignored the truck mounted crane.

MMP would have saved the piano! (“My heavens!!”)
When castings are critical to your company’s reputation, MMP is the supplier you trust.
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