Equipment working

You’ve seen these hard working machines along the roads and expressways. Happily chewing up overgrowth in medians and shoulders. Keeping down fire hazards, ensuring water can runoff properly, and keeping America beautiful.
But did you know these powerful and flexible mowing systems rely on a driveshaft from MMP?
We provide the center drive shaft for these heavy duty highway maintenance machines in 8630 steel. The castings are then hardened using our in-house heat treating which adds high strength and impact properties to ensure these parts endure the constant stresses of daily use in harsh conditions.
Does your application need heat treating? Or finishing? Or an engineering review? Why go to three different suppliers? MMP saves you time AND money with our one stop capability! We do more than just casting at MMP, and you benefit from this expertise.

It’s different when a metallurgist owns and operates the foundry!

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