Who We Are

While many consider me the face of the Company, let me introduce you to

MMP’s “Superstars of Metalcasting”

We live in Minnesota. It gets chilly here in the winter. We relax by fishing on the lake-when it’s frozen.
Hard working teams are the reason for our success-and the loyalty we have with our clients.
Men and women dedicated to the craft and to their community. Loyal to America. With American values. Patriotic. They know what hard work is. Our work clothes may not win fashion contests, but what these professionals craft every day (and night!) certainly would.
How can we guarantee on time delivery? You’re looking at the reasons.
How can we guarantee your satisfaction? Look at the pictures.
How come we never had a work stoppage in the company’s history? Look again.
When you choose MMP, you are choosing these teams to solve your problems. Make your life easier and trouble-free.
These men and women are why our employee retention is through the roof and our safety record the envy of our competitors. They are real people who’s legacy is melting metal into parts that last for generations. They create history.
They even put up with the perfectionism only a metallurgist (me!) could demand every day.It is a distinct pleasure to lead this team of professionals.
Those who know MMP, choose MMP.

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