Client Ditched the problems

Ever wonder how utilities and water pipes are installed under roads and in cities without disturbing traffic flow? “Trenchless” technology makes it look easy by drilling underground without disturbing the soil (or people) above. But these tools must endure the hardest dirt, stones and rock. Day after day. The technology uses reamers weighing up to 1200 LBS! MMP partners with the industry leaders to provide both Steel and Iron castings to ensure their success.

MMP is a long term supplier to this industry. And we meet their varied needs. Whether just raw castings, heat treated, finished, or all three, MMP is trusted when the pressure is on.
But that’s not all.
We converted some welded parts, or ‘weldments’, to full featured castings. This saved our clients time, parts inventory, and labor. And the castings are more durable and last longer! Huge savings.
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