Why Other Buyers Choose MMP

Why MMP? Because your challenges are our focus.

We are a service organization that happens to make castings. Castings, finishing, and heat treating are only part of what we do. We know you have budgets, constantly need to re-evaluate your choices, and are looking for more solutions and less problems. This is where we really work for you!
At MMP, we eliminate the pain. No more worrying about quality, delivery, service, or price. Better yet, we look for ways to save you money. And increase reliability of your end products- which makes you look good to your customers. We want YOUR customers coming back to you.
If you want to reduce Total Cost of Ownership, want peace of mind with a supplier, or just want to get promoted, choose MMP. We’re a whole lot more than just melting metal.

How Your Company Saves Money (and headaches) by Partnering With MMP

  • Design assistance for “Castability”. Sounds technical, but there are ways to optimize part design to ensure you get every benefit of casting. By working alongside your team we save your company time, labor dollars, and because there are fewer rejected parts, the cost of the parts themselves are optimized.
  • Volume Flexibility: From 1 casting every couple years to 20,000 per year. We meet your needs instead of imposing ours.
  • Metallurgist on staff: The only foundry owned and operated by a metallurgist.
  • Quality: Of course we are ISO 9001 Certified. But we also guarantee our quality, unheard of in this industry. And if we can’t meet the quality standard you set, we’ll tell you immediately, not try to ‘fake it when we make it’ like many offshore suppliers.
  • Excellent Tier 1 supplier: Providing machining, painting, and/or additionally, fully processed components ready to use or assemble, including certified inspections and heat treating/hardening.
  • We tailor our system to you instead of forcing you to deal with our methods and practices.
  • We understand you. We aren’t a huge nameless, foundry run by robots. You and your company are partnering with a medium sized metalcaster who is intimately involved with every step- as much or as little as you like.
  • You don’t want YOUR supplier on national news. We get that:
  • Complete OSHA wall to wall in 2013 identified a few minor items. All were abated. MMP is a safe place to work.
  • Environmental – up to date with all agencies, no outstanding issues. Unusual for many foundries/casting suppliers.
  • ZERO labor issues. No work stoppages in company history. Very low employee turnover.
  • Performance over talk
  • Critical Process Redundancy to ensure on time performance- Redundant systems for all critical operations in plant to ensure no interruption of supply. We guarantee on-time delivery, another first in the industry. When a manufacturing facility needs timely deliveries, they ask for MMP.