Heat Treatment

MMP’s strength and stability as a foundry comes from our dedication to running a diversified business. Risk is reduced when there is a diversification of services, which is why our heat treatment services cover a wide range. Midwest Metal Products offers quality heat treatment services such as case and through hardening, annealing, normalizing, tempering and blue coating.

We provide cost effective & value enhancing services, always producing high quality finished products. Learn more about what MMP can provide for you by checking out our heat treatment options below:


Case Hardening*

Case hardening is a heat treatment process that hardens steel alloys so that a substantially harder surface layer is created leaving a softer interior. MMP specifically uses carburizing as our primary method of case hardening.

Through Hardening

Through hardening heat treatment uses a rapid quench process in order to increase hardness throughout steel alloy components.  The purpose of this process is to increase the strength of the metal. Through hardening diffuses carbon throughout the entire section of steel, making it thoroughly hardened, as opposed to case hardening, which leaves a softer core.


The heat treatment annealing is used to lower the hardness of metals and alter the physical properties of the casting being treated. MMP accomplishes this by heating metals at a suitable temperature, and then subsequently lowering the metal to a second temperature, resulting in the desired effect.


Normalizing involves heating an alloy to a temperature above the transformation range, followed by cooling in air to a temperature substantially below the transformation range. This heat treatment achieves grain refinement and improved homogenization.


Tempering is a heat treatment  that reheats already hardened steel to a temperature below critical range in order to soften it and improve impact strength.

Blue Coating

Blue coating is a heat treatment that involves protecting metals against rust. MMP accomplishes this by immersing steel parts in a special chemical solution that is then heated to  an acceptable temperature.

Induction Heat Treating

Induction heat treating is a process that uses an induction coil to focus on treating specific areas of each piece individually. This process can increase hardness or be used to anneal an area.


When it  comes to heat treatment, MMP offers air quenching, oil quenching, and water quenching services. Having these options to choose from is vital, because no two projects are the same, and each finishing project must meet your specific needs.

The Heat Treatment Option for You

We believe a well run foundry accepts other castings for finishing or heat treating, providing the option of added value service versus in-house. So whether you are looking to use heat  treatment  for a product you have ordered through MMP or for  a casting you supply yourself, choose MMP for the best and most thorough heat  treatment options. Our experts are always happy to assist  in finding which treatment is the right solution for you