MMP’s expertise both lowers risk and maximizes value for you in all areas, and this expertise extends to our value-added services. Our finishing services can be applied not only to our own castings, but also to any parts you supply. Why go through the trouble of doing in-house what can be done by our industry-leading experts?

One of our main goals is to provide parts that can simply be used by the client— either as a stand alone product or as a part immediately put into assembly, which is why we cover a multitude of services, anticipating your every need.  As with the rest of MMP’s capabilities, each finishing service comes with the same guarantee of quality that our customers rely on and expect.

Finishing Services for Machining


We offer fully machined castings, using the highest precision to ensure your finished product is perfectly detailed.

Finishing Services for Painting


MMP provides quality paint finishes that are able to stand up to the long-term uses of your products.

Finishing Services for Light Assembly

Light Assembly

Relieve yourself stress and trust the hassle of assembly to our teams. MMP provides solutions with our finishing services

Finishing Services for Blanchard Grinding

Blanchard Grinding

MMP includes blanchard grinding on our finishing services roster because we know that it is the most efficient method of finishing flat surfaces, and it can be applied to virtually any product material you require.

Finishing Services for Special Testing

Special Testing

No two products are the same, and some  projects require special testing to make certain that you and your customers always receive the best. MMP requires that special testing and cuts risk out of your equation.

Finishing Services for Heat Treating

Heat Treating

Extensive heat treating services are available for your finishing needs. Our on-staff metallurgist can advise you which treating will best fit your specific application. Learn more about our heat treating options here.