Sun in my eyes

When you go to a Major League Baseball Game at Marlins Stadium in Miami Florida, you see MMP’s expertise at work. We were trusted by the prime contractor to supply ‘clip’s like you see in this picture, an extremely important part of the movable roof!
Each 195 lb clip (8620 steel for you engineers!) was completely machined and finished in-house to their specifications and shipped ‘ready to install’. This roof all but eliminates rain delays (it IS Florida!) and can also be moved to keep the sun out of the eyes of players and fans alike!
Want to know more about this amazing feat of architecture that relies on our foundry? Visit the Marlins baseball website.
The client was so grateful for the ‘no problems’ fabrication and installation they gifted us this piece of rail used for prototyping. We display it proudly! You can be as happy as they are by turning your challenges over to MMP.

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