Sand Casting Services

In manufacturing, sand casting is one of the most efficient and precise ways to create robust components with complex features. Learn more about the process of sand casting, including its benefits and the industrial applications we serve.

What Is Sand Casting?

In sand casting, a mold cavity is created in the shape of the desired part that will be filled in with molten metal. The mold is made of sand of a specific size or grain distribution, pH level, and shape, depending on the method used to gather or mine it. The binding of sand grains, crucial for structural integrity, occurs through two primary methods: water and clay to form a physical bond or a multi-part resin and catalyst to form a chemical bond. The chemical bonding process is stronger and longer-lasting.

After being sized to accommodate metal contraction during solidification, the pattern representing the desired shape is fitted into the sand. After the sand has taken the shape of the pattern, the pattern is removed, cores are set, mold halves are assembled, and the metal can be poured. The molten metal is prepared based on the desired chemistry and temperature before being poured into the mold. Once the part cools, it undergoes a series of meticulous finishing operations, such as blasting off adhering sand, cutting off the feed and ingate material, grinding to finish seams, and heat treating to achieve the desired material properties.

Sand Casting Industries & Capabilities

Midwest Metal Products offers reliable sand casting services to meet the needs of diverse industries:

  • Directional drilling: Our precision-engineered drill heads, clamps, track idlers, and gear cases help make drilling operations safer and more efficient even amid challenging environments.
  • Mining: We create pump bodies, impellers, wear plates, motor housings, and bearing cases essential for demanding mining operations.
  • Defense: We supply various brackets and supports crucial for axle assemblies in military and defense vehicles.
  • Gas & oil: Our burner parts, flare bodies, and gearboxes are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the oil and gas industry.
  • Waste energy: For customers in the waste energy industry, we supply robust incinerator linings, dryer heads, gears, housings, and pulleys.
  • Energy: We provide high-quality traveling grates, hanger sections, side liners, and stationary and ash grates, essential components for energy generation and distribution systems.
  • Food processing equipment: Midwest Metal Products produces precision grinder head castings, blade holders, and gearbox housings to ensure hygienic and efficient food processing operations.
  • Other OEMs: In addition to the above industries, Midwest Metal Products serves a variety of smaller OEMs with quality sand castings.

Advantages of Sand Casting

Sand casting offers numerous advantages compared to other manufacturing methods:

  • Reduced labor requirements: Given today’s skilled labor shortage challenges, converting certain welded and fabricated components into castings can save time and resources. Sand casting reduces the reliance on skilled workers that is required in these other manufacturing processes. This is because sand casting enables greater part design freedom to create complex parts without needing welding to finish the part or assembly.
  • Ideal for complex shapes: Due to its greater design freedom, sand casting is better than other fabrication methods for creating complex components. This includes complex geometries with thin-wall sections.
  • Material compatibility: Sand casting is highly adaptable, as it applies to all metals, including those with high melting points.
  • Versatility: Sand casting can produce a wide range of part sizes and can be scaled from small to medium production runs.
  • Shorter lead times: The process also offers a shorter lead time compared to alternative processes, ensuring timely production and delivery of parts.
  • Recyclable scrap: Another notable advantage of sand casting is that all scrap is recyclable, including the molding sand and any excess metal. By maximizing resource utilization and minimizing waste, sand casting aligns with sustainable manufacturing practices.

Sand Casting Services From Midwest Metal Products

Midwest Metal Products is a leading provider of sand casting services for customers in diverse industries. Whether you need extensive engineering help or metallurgical consultation, we provide very responsive service and work closely with you to produce high quality products. When you work with Midwest Metal Products, you can expect clear and easy communication with everyone in our organization, including our CEO.

To learn more about our sand casting services, contact Midwest Metal Products today. Request a quote to get started on your project.