Who Trusts Us?

Some of the biggest companies across several industries trust Midwest Metal Products with their casting needs, and you can too. We know that from a buyer’s perspective, a new supplier is always a possible risk. But our guarantees eliminate that risk. That’s the kind of partnership that gets you promoted, gives you more sleep at night, and gets you home on time. It’s different when a metallurgist owns and operates the foundry.

Check out these testimonial examples where client’s trust in MMP paid off in time saved, cost reductions, and higher reliability!

  • Music To My Ears
    “When you take your next drink of clean, refreshing water, you probably have a casting from MMP to thank!”

    Has your home shower head ever gotten clogged with scale from the water? This also happens to the massive equipment at the water plant.

    The solution? MMP produces ‘Acoustic Horns’ which use sound to pulverize the scale on industrial purification equipment. They have also been used to break up material in air filtration systems.

    The horn sections are cast in Ductile Iron, 304 stainless steel, and 316 stainless steel. In most cases, the tooling remains the same while the material chosen is adapted to the application. MMP supplies them as either a sole casting, or as a machined and painted part according to the client’s specifications.

    With a flexible ‘solutions approach’, MMP partnered with this client to source an additional non-cast component. This saved them labor, inventory, and time. Combined with our in-house heat treating capability, we added value by becoming a single stop for the entire assembly.
  • New Dentures
    “MMP’s solution uses a casting to replace high machining costs. “

    This client’s equipment made rebuilding highways green by recycling old concrete and rebar, but their toothy “monster” machine constantly required an expensive new smile.

    MMP’s solution used a casting to replace high machining costs. This client trusted MMP to replace the original teeth fabricated from low yield/high-machining-time plate metal.

    MMP’s engineering, metallurgy, and machining expertise created these ‘molars’ as full featured casting. The result? The cast ‘teeth’ are more durable and eliminate the high labor cost of machining. See for yourself.
  • Equipment Working
    “MMP saves you time AND money with our one stop capability!”

    You’ve seen those hard working machines along the roads and expressways— The ones happily chewing up overgrowth in medians and shoulders, keeping down fire hazards, ensuring water can runoff properly, and keeping America beautiful.

    But did you know those powerful and flexible mowing systems rely on a driveshaft from MMP?
    We provide the center drive shaft for these heavy duty highway maintenance machines in 8630 steel. The castings are then hardened using our in-house heat treating which adds high strength and impact properties to ensure these parts endure the constant stresses of daily use in harsh conditions.

    Does your application need heat treating? Or finishing? Or an engineering review? Why go to three different suppliers? We do more than just casting at MMP, and you benefit from this expertise.
  • Sun In My Eyes
    “When you go to a Major League Baseball Game at Marlins Stadium in Miami Florida, you see MMP’s expertise at work.”

    We were trusted by the prime contractor of the Miami Marlins Stadium to supply ‘clips’ like you see in this picture, which is an extremely important part of the movable roof!

    Each 195 lb clip (8620 steel for you engineers!) was completely machined and finished in-house to their specifications and shipped ‘ready to install’. This roof all but eliminates rain delays and can also be moved to keep the sun out of the eyes of players and fans alike!
    Want to know more about this amazing feat of architecture that relies on our foundry? Visit the Marlins baseball website.

    The client was so grateful for the ‘no problems’ fabrication and installation that they gifted us this piece of rail used for prototyping. We display it proudly! You can be as happy as they are by turning your challenges over to MMP.
  • Client Ditched The Problems
    “Whether it's about raw castings, heat treatment, finishing, or all three, MMP is trusted when the pressure is on.”

    Ever wonder how utilities and water pipes are installed under roads and in cities without disturbing traffic flow? “Trenchless” technology makes it look easy by drilling underground without disturbing the soil (or people) above. But these tools must endure the hardest dirt, stones and rock. Day after day. The technology uses reamers weighing up to 1200 LBS! MMP partners with the industry leaders to provide both Steel and Iron castings to ensure their success.

    MMP is a long term supplier to this industry and we meet their varied needs, but that’s not all. We converted their welded parts, or ‘weldments’, to full featured castings. This saved our clients time, parts inventory, and labor. And the castings are more durable and last longer! Huge savings are in store when you choose MMP.
  • Saving The Piano
    “When castings are critical to your company’s reputation, MMP is the supplier you trust.”

    Some equipment is invisible & taken for granted— until it fails. Our client’s truck mounted cranes are part of this group. Few people notice them, but they are everywhere.

    To protect employees, the crane must work perfectly every time. Failure is not an option, and 24/7/365 reliability is a necessity, which is why one of the largest crane manufacturers in the country relies on MMP for that safety, security, and endurance. With six different MMP castings weighing from 35 to 890 pounds, this client trusts MMP with their company’s reputation, and you can, too.