Music to my ears

Home shower head clogged with scale from the water? This also happens to the massive equipment at the water plant. The solution?
These ‘Acoustic Horns’ use sound to pulverize the scale on industrial purification equipment. They are also used to break up material in air filtration systems.
The horn sections are cast in Ductile Iron, 304 stainless steel, and 316 stainless steel. In most cases, the tooling remains the same while the material chosen is adapted to the application. MMP supplies them as just a casting or machined and painted to the client’s specs.
With our flexible ‘solutions approach’, MMP partnered with this client to source an additional (non-cast) component. This saved them labor, inventory, and time. Combined with our in-house heat treating capability, we added value by becoming a single stop for the entire assembly.

When you take your next drink of clean, refreshing water, you probably have a casting from MMP to thank!

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