Why A Metallurgist?

Why is a metallurgist an important component in your supplier/vendor decision?

In the casting world, it’s the difference between working with a house painter or having Picasso as your partner. The metalcasting training alone is as different as that of a butcher versus a brain surgeon. MMP’s Picasso is Joe Plunger.

Why is it important to have a Metallurgist actually on staff?

There are over 1600 variables (!) when melting metals into your part. It’s easier to screw it up than get it right. All foundries have casting challenges, called “scrap rate” in the industry. The lower the scrap rate, the lower the price you pay. With a Metallurgist on staff, we have the certified expert to plan and identify problems before they become mistakes or scrap. While foundries will happily cast whatever you specify, MMP’s ‘Picasso Joe’ has the training, experience, and insight to evaluate your quote. We can help with alloy selection, computerized part mapping, and cost saving alternatives.

Onsite expertise saves you money

When foundries have a problem making a part, or heat treating, they call in an outside expert, a Metallurgist, for a consultation. Trained and experienced Metallurgists are few and far between. At MMP, we only have to call Joe’s office! With Metallurgist oversight, you are assured MMP meets or exceeds any quality specification you demand. If MMP can’t meet the specification you require, we won’t even quote!

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