We Reduce Risks

We Reduce Risks

MMP’s “Six Way Assurance Program”


We want you to sleep easier at night. While competitors may say they have certain policies, we put it in writing! When you partner with MMP, you get more than just castings, you get Peace of Mind. Imagine a supplier that you never worry about!

No other foundry offers this exclusive “Six Way Assurance Program” because no other foundry is owned and operated by a metallurgist!
On time delivery guarantee MMP guarantees your order will be complete and on time to arrive at your location as promised. If it doesn’t arrive on or before the day we promised, we’ll pay the shipping cost on the next order!
No Fault “Front of the Line” Guarantee  If your team screws up a casting we supplied, we will cast a new one at the same cost but with ‘Front of the Line’ privileges without an additional premium.
Quality Guarantee MMP Guarantees to meet or exceed any quality spec you name or we won’t even quote. For us, quality is more than a byword. Our reputation is on the line!
Defect Guarantee If you discover any part of your order doesn’t meet your expectations, we will take 4 specific actions:

  1. Repair or replace the part or parts,
    2. Expedite your parts with ‘Front of the Line’ service at no additional charge.
    3. Ship the repaired/recast parts as rapidly as possible at our expense
    4. Pay to have the defective parts shipped back to MMP for analysis

60 Day Price Guarantee MMP guarantees the price we quote for 60 days. No ifs, ands, buts, oops, or excuses (assuming, of course, no change in the part or requirements.) When we quote it, that’s the total. No hidden additions, fees added after the quote, secret surcharges or tiny print asterisks.
48 hours Casting Quote Turnaround Guarantee Your life is fast paced. You need answers to problems an hour ago. You don’t have time to wait 7 days for a quote. You have 326 decisions to make TODAY! We guarantee to have your casting quote returned within 48 hours of receiving the information we need to quote our best price. With MMP’s 48 hour Casting Quote Turnaround Guarantee, you can relax knowing we do what we say, even with quotes!
And if you have a more complex, multi-operational requirement-like machining, painting, post machining hardening or upgrading to meet high requirement property specifications? We work quickly to get the answers you need to choose MMP. It may take additional time compared to just a casting quote, but will be well worth waiting for.