Buyer/Engineer with a Metallurgist question?

When you ask MMP to quote, the Metallurgist consultation is included at no cost. He will make recommendations to suit the specific requirements you need to ensure the finished casting meets or exceeds your requirements.
If you are a buyer or product engineer and having problems with a piece (reliability, strength, or other manufacturing or in-service issues) send a note for a free consultation to Our Metallurgist will contact you, investigate the problem and make recommendations. There is no charge for this service.

Are you a foundry owner/engineer or manufacturing Design Team?

Would you like ongoing access to a metallurgist you can trust? Consider these paid options. You get the experience of a Metallurgist backed by proven foundry operational knowledge, Cheaper than a full time staff engineer, too.

While this option is particularly attractive to other foundries, if, as a buyer or product engineer, you want an impartial second opinion, are having multiple in-service part challenges, or want your design engineers to get the best advice in the creation stage (when it saves you the most time and money), one of these choices will quickly pay for itself.