Weldment to Casting

Want stronger, more precise parts, lower cost AND lower inventory all at one time? Join other satisfied Engineers in the “Before and After” Weldment-to-Casting” Club! MMP will even pay for the evaluation with this certificate.

Precision? Repeatability? Turnaround? Lower part cost? What’s important to you is important to MMP. Converting a weldment to casting can do it all! Read this story to see a case where reliability increased by a factor of FIVE!

And we make it risk-free. Download the certificate and we’ll partner with you to evaluate your welded part using our experts, precision software, and on-site metallurgist.

Download the certificate for a no-cost Engineering Evaluation HERE

Check out these examples where client’s trust in MMP paid off in time saved, cost reductions, and higher reliability!

“Our client needed new dentures…”
“WOW! Seriously? 5 Times Longer Part Life??”