5X Longer Part Life

WOW! Seriously? 5 Times Longer Part Life??
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Steffes Corp (www.Steffes.com) says it all with their simple phrase:

Customer Focused, Solution Driven, Field Proven.

Steffes technical expertise dominates the oil field accessory industry.
Oil well gases released into the atmosphere are an environmental challenge faced by every field production facility during ‘flaring’. Steffes experts developed a uniquely engineered system (see it here http://steffes.com/oil-field-products/engineered-flare-system.html ) that significantly reduces Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) released to the atmosphere from any oil well, even highly variable flows from the new fields in North Dakota and Montana.
During initial system development, engineers fabricated a weldment to use as a guide component. Applying Steffes continuous improvement philosophy, Engineer Sam Buck approached MMP to convert this multi-part weldment (bottom left) to a one-piece casting. The goal was to improve reliability and lower the replacement interval to save costs for their 1000+ customers.
MMP Engineers Bobby Baker and Paul Bambenek used their weldment-to-casting knowledge, designing a prototype, and made using a printed mold. The component was cast under the watchful eye of Metallurgist Joe Plunger and supplied as a finish machined component ready for installation.
But during Steffes evaluation of the finished casting there was an unusual ‘problem’. While undergoing ‘test to failure’ evaluation, Sam Buck observed a life improvement of 5+ times – the part was removed from test at that point without ever having failed!
Would you like to have a ‘problem’ like this? While we can’t guarantee every application will have this much ROI, we can guarantee that MMP will save you parts inventory and labor over weldments. Increased reliability and dimensional repeatability also save costs.
Do you want to lower costs for your company? Download the certificate that covers the cost of a ‘Weldment-to-Casting’ conversion. There is zero risk for your company. If we can’t supply a part that exceeds your needs- and saves you money- we’ll tell you up front- without any investment on your side.

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