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$1500 value Certificate 

Zero Risk “Are you an Engineer with a challenging welded part problem?” 

Join our BEFORE and AFTERWeldmenttoCasting Club You’ll love partnering with the only foundry owned and operated by a Metallurgist! Join the ‘Club’ of other engineers who rely on MMP for 

their company’s reputation. We’ll waive our $1500 fee with this certificate, provide topof-thecharts service from our metalcasting experts, and help you become the hero! 

stronger * higher precision * repeatability * fewer parts * lower cost * faster turnaround 

BEFORE 6 parts welded together 

AFTER Single Casting 

We’ll consult with you to produce a 3D model 

Our engineering staff produces a casting/pattern model 

Specialized computer software ensures the soundness 

Stronger, More Precise, and Faster Turnaround Times! 

Join the Club by sending this Certificate along with your requirements. If we can’t help you engineer a casting that solves your quality, strength, and precision needs, we’ll send you a $25 Starbucks card! 

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