Why Choose MMP

Why Midwest Metal Products? Because your challenges, from stainless steel castings, machining, and painting to heat treatment, are our focus.

At our core, MMP is a service organization— we just happen to make stainless steel & other ferrous  castings.  MMP understands your budgets, your need to deliver quality products to your customers,  and that ultimately you are searching for more solutions and fewer problems. This is where our expertise really works for you!

At MMP, we eliminate the pain. No more worrying about quality, delivery, service, or price of your stainless steel castings or other ferrous casting  products. Our team specializes in increasing the reliability of your end products and stability in your pricing — which makes the buyers we work with look great to their organization, and gives the engineers we work with a worry-free manufacturing experience.

If you want to maximize cost efficiency, desire peace of mind with your supplier, or aim to supply your customers with the highest quality of stainless steel castings, carbon steel castings, low alloy steel castings, ductile iron castings, or gray iron castings, either raw or at the finish level that lets you just use them,  then choose MMP.  One thing is certain: MMP does a whole lot more than just melt metal.

Save Yourself From Headaches by Partnering With MMP

Design assistance for “Castability”

  •  There are ways to optimize part designs for getting every possible benefit of the casting process, whether working with stainless steel or other metals. By working alongside your team we save your company precious time because there are fewer rejected parts, and we save your engineers stress by providing the experience of our team of seasoned professionals.

Volume Flexibility

  • Whether you require 1 stainless steel casting every couple years, or 10,000 per year, MMP  meets your needs instead of imposing ours.


  •  It is a given that we are ISO 9001-2015 Certified, but MMP also guarantees our quality, which is unheard of in this industry. And if we can’t meet the quality standard you set, we’ll tell you immediately. MMP doesn’t ‘fake it when we make it’ like many offshore suppliers.

Excellent Tier 1 supplier

  • We provide machining, painting, testing, and fully processed components ready to use or assemble, which includes certified inspections and heat treating/hardening.


  • Our completely OSHA inspected facilities ensure that MMP is both a safe place to work at, and a safe company to work with.


  • MMP is up to date with all environmental agencies’ foundry standards, which is yet another way MMP stands apart from most other foundries & casting suppliers.

ZERO labor issues. 

  • No work stoppages in company history & very low employee turnover means that you can rely on MMP to deliver all of our services, on time, every time.

Critical Process Redundancy to ensure on time performance

  • Redundant systems for all critical operations in-plant ensure that no interruption of supply ever occurs, which is how we can guarantee on-time delivery, yet another first in the industry. 

Choose A Foundry You Can Trust

We understand you. We aren’t a huge nameless, foundry run by robots. You and your company are partnering with a medium sized metal caster who is intimately involved with every step of the metal casting process— offering as much or as little assistance as you’d like. MMP is proud to be one of the only foundries owned and operated by a metallurgist, making us the best option for every casting-related need you could ever have, whether you require stainless steel products or  other ferrous  materials. We know you value performance over talk, so see for yourself how MMP makes your casting headaches disappear by contacting us today!

Midwest Metal Products: The Manufacturer That Both Buyers And Engineers Choose To Work With. Contact Us Today To Begin Our Partnership.