Welcome to MMP’s Engineering Resource Center

We encourage you to download the Engineering Quick Reference Guide as the first step. Other great resources you’ll find in this section include:
Who Trusts Us, filled with examples of how we help our clients
Engineering Data Summary lists weights, alloys and other capabilities for a quick ‘can they do this for me?’ check
Education is a great place if you want to learn more about the casting process
Quote submission online if you are ready to start or reorder
Why an on-staff Metallurgist is important is a critical decision every engineer must understand

Our “Six Way Assurance Program” ensures you make the right decision. No need to guess about your choice, we put you at ease with guarantees in writing! Have a weldment you want to evaluate as a casting? Download our certificate for a free “Weldment-to-Casting” evaluation. We help companies just like yours lower Total Cost of Ownership, reduce parts counts, and make YOUR customers smile with more durability. And it starts with downloading the certificate. We take all the risk, you get all the credit! If you or your team need an answer from a Metallurgist, go straight to the top by talking to Joe using MMP is a lot more than a foundry, we are your foundry solution. Make your life easier by contacting us today to understand the many ways “It’s different when the foundry is owned and operated by a Metallurgist!